Beginning to Read is Child’s Play: Developmentally Appropriate Reading Instruction for Beginning and Struggling Readers.

Intervention Games and Activities for Beginning and Struggling Readers

In-Service Options

6 hour in-service workshop

This workshop covers topics concerning early reading mastery and the prevention and remediation of dyslexic tendencies.

3 hour in-service workshop

This workshop covers topics concerning early reading mastery and the prevention and remediation of dyslexic tendencies, but in less detail. This option is often scheduled in the morning and again in the afternoon and thus requires fewer substitute teachers to cover the classrooms of teacher participants. Having two sessions also makes it easier to allow para-educators and volunteers to attend one of the sessions.

Modeling early reading instruction with small groups of beginning and struggling readers

This has proved to be a very popular and productive option. Throughout the day I move from classroom to classroom to work with small groups of students while members of the faculty observe. At various times during the school day and after school, I present information to groups of teachers who are available.

Parent literacy presentation

This is a one hour presentation to parents and community educators about beginning reading skills, phonemic awareness, and games and activities that promote literacy in the home. There is no additional charge for this presentation, which can be scheduled for the evening following my day in your school’s classrooms.

In-Service Fees

I have recently changed my policy regarding fees for conducting in-service presentations. In addition to reimbursement for travel, food and lodging expenses, and in lieu of a speaking fee, I charge a $245.00/per day materials fee that will be for the purchase of reading games and manipulatives for your school’s classrooms.

This materials fee can be shared by two or more schools or districts. My desire is to make a professional development workshop very affordable, especially for small school districts that have limited funding. By structuring my fees in this manner, schools are able to receive a rich variety of reading games and manipulatives that can be used right away by teachers and aides to assist beginning and struggling readers.

Teacher Comments

Boy, you were the hit of the entire year here at Washington! Oh, the busyness around here acquiring your products, learning the drill for using them, and just generally celebrating your wonderful presentation! Your materials fill a critical niche in early literacy instruction that most programs are lacking. It was a very fortunate event to have YOU demonstrate WITH children to broaden our understanding of their application. You've made a great contribution to our early literacy program here at Washington. THANK YOU!

Rosanne Bowman (Washington Elementary, Bountiful, Utah)

I was the very enthusiastic CCIRA member who thought your presentation was awesome... Usually I walk out of a session when I see that it is being done by an exhibitor; but I am so glad I stayed for yours. You demonstrated a deep understanding of what early readers need to be successful in phonemic awareness. I am constantly looking for activities to do with student that will help them in this area. Your activities are simple and effective.

Please send me my free sample set of The Blending Game. I'm sure my four-year-old will love it and what a great review for my first-grader!! I am going to present your stuff to our team meeting at school and see about ordering some more cards to use with our small groups. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer R. (Arvada, Colorado)

I was at the state reading conference in Idaho Falls and attended your workshop. I want you to know how fantastic it was. The materials you presented made so much sense to me and were just what I was looking for to use in my classroom. I am a first grade teacher and have a few students that do not even know their letter sounds. I not only love your program and activities, but it was great to pick up items that were already put together and ready to go.

I am e-mailing you not only to thank you for the wonderful workshop but also for the free sample set of The Blending Game.

C. Willis (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

I attended the class that you taught at the reading conference on Thursday (October 4th). I really enjoyed the class; it was the best part of my day at the conference.

M. Taylor (Ammon, Idaho)

I loved your session at the Kentucky Reading Association conference. I haven't stopped thinking about it since! I'm getting ready to order the materials. Thanks again. This is a wonderful program.

Jennifer B. (Baxter, Kentucky)