In-Service Workshop

This workshop covers topics concerning early reading mastery and the prevention and remediation of dyslexic tendencies. This is often scheduled in the morning and again in the afternoon and thus requires fewer substitute teachers to cover the classrooms of teacher participants. Having two sessions also makes it easier to allow para-educators and volunteers to attend one of the sessions.

Modeling early reading instruction with small groups of beginning and struggling readers

This has proved to be a very popular and productive part of my visit to your school. Throughout the day I work with small groups of students while the faculty observe me teach. Afterwards I discuss with the faculty what we observed during my interactions.

Parent Literacy Presentation

This is a one hour presentation to parents and community educators about beginning reading skills, phonemic awareness, and games and activities that promote literacy in the home. There is no additional charge for this presentation, which can be scheduled for the evening prior to or following my day in your school.

In-service Fee

$550/day plus reimbursement for airfare (or mileage if traveling by car).

Video Conference Presentation or Consultation

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