The Klein Method was a huge success in my preschool classroom for over a decade. My students flocked to the Klein materials. Year after year I saw young children naturally and with great pleasure teach themselves to read.

J. A., Retired preschool teacher and grandmother

Randall Klein’s early reading materials were the pillars of our Fun Way Learning Center tutoring program for over 15 years. His abundance of hands-on materials has provided hundreds of children “just the right lessons” for success and steady growth.

Lydia Widmer, Newburyport MA

Randall teaches his method of early reading instruction to students in my elementary teacher training program. These adult learners gain a profound understanding of teaching reading to young children.

Janet Nordemann

Randall Klein’s methods are fantastic! At our Montes­sori school all children from ages 3 to 6 years learn to read with the Klein Method materials. Every child in our school learns to read before entering kindergarten.

Constance Dratz, Preschool and elementary school director

I am a Special Needs teacher in London and have been following Randall Klein for some time. The Klein Method games and activities have been ideal for my struggling learners. Thank you, Randall! I am so grateful.

Miss Ali, London, UK

Randall Klein’s Early Reading Mastery methods have enriched my teaching methods for almost twenty years. They have had the greatest impact on my students’ learn­ing and success.

Tondi Petersen, Kindergarten Teacher

I am delighted with Randall Klein’s materials and use them daily in my Montessori classroom. The students are attracted to the materials and choose to work with them regularly. I cannot imagine my language shelves without them!

Patricia Patrick, Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada

The Klein Method has totally transformed the way I ap­proach reading instruction in my classroom. I now have the tools that I need to identify exactly where my strug­gling readers are getting stuck and how to help them.

Amy A., Montessori Lower Elementary Teacher

Our family has played Randall’s reading games with our grandchildren to help them learn how to read. The 182 games are fun and easy to play and we all have a great time together.

Kathryn L., Grandmother

The Klein Method materials are foundational to any reading instruction program and can also be used ef­fectively by homeschooling parents and reading tutors. With these materials the child internalizes reading skills while gaining confidence in himself.

Jo-Anne Woodland, Reading Tutor, retired Montessori Teacher

As a reading specialist I have found The Klein Method to be the most straightforward and easy-to-use materials. Our reading intervention program has been strength­ened by use of these methods and materials.

Kaylene Redd, Reading Specialist, Kaysville Utah

The Randall Klein Early Reading Mastery Method is amazing. It is playful, child friendly and intuitive for young children. The Klein method is unique and can be applied successfully on any continent around the world.

Marius van Dorp, Principal (retired), Lanto Montessori Schools, South Africa

The Klein Method games and activities are some of the most engaging and fun ways for children to practice reading skills that I have found.

Tevia Arlidge Lower Elementary Teacher, Montessori School of Maui